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Kathie Touin


This page features some of Kathie Touin's radio, print and online interviews...

Kathie's interview with ThatChannel.com

In December 2009 Kathie spoke to Hugh Reilly on Toronto's ThatChannel.com about her latest album, Dark Moons & Nightingales. And, if she is developing an English accent, what class is she?

View ThatChannel.com.

Kathie's Voice America interview with Terah Tucker

Kathie says: "I had a delightful 60-minute conversation with Terah Tucker on her radio show All Things Music, broadcast on the internet radio station Voice America. We chatted about my earliest musical memories and the first song I wrote, what was going on in my mind when I wrote some of my songs, why I am living in England, what inspires me about classical music, best and worst musical experiences... and Terah played tracks from my Butterfly Bones and Soliloquy Deluxe albums... the time just flew by."

All Things Music: Terah Tucker

The interview is no longer available to listen again through Voice America's website, but we hope to post an mp3 file here soon. And we plan to make Kathie's first radio interview, with Charlie Davy on Big L/Radio London International, available as well.

Kathie's Whohub interview

Kathie talks about the creative process and how she is still waiting for that Paul McCartney Yesterday moment... Whohub interview.

Kathie speaks about Butterfly Bones

Kathie spoke about her album Butterfly Bones, featuring 15 of her own songs, during her first interview with Sarah McDougall on Ealing's Ward Radio. The interview is available on this page in two mp3 clips. In the first Kathie talks about her influences (mp3 clip); and the second half of the interview is about the album itself (mp3 clip). You can find more about the album on the Butterfly Bones page on this website.

Kathie speaks about Soliloquy Deluxe

During her second interview with Sarah McDougall on Ealing's Ward Radio, Kathie spoke about Soliloquy Deluxe, her album of solo piano pieces. The interview is available on this page in two mp3 clips: part one (mp3 clip) and part two (mp3 clip). You can find more about the album on the Soliloquy Deluxe page on this website.

Kathie was interviewed in WestSide Magazine...

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... in the Ealing Gazette in January 2008...

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... and her first Ealing Gazette interview was in 2006...

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