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The control room at Starling Recording Studio

Welcome to Starling Recording Studio...

Located minutes from the Neolithic village of Skara Brae in Orkney's West Mainland is a cosy recording studio with a warm welcome. Starling Recording Studio offers you friendly service and a quality sound, designed to accommodate everyone from soloists to small ensembles. Whether you're a student or an old pro, we'll do our best to meet your needs.

Starling Recording Studio is running the current version of Pro Tools. We have an eclectic collection of vintage analogue and digital synthesizers, as well as modern keyboard work stations with on-board sample triggering and computer-based soft synths. We offer SoundIron sound libraries, featuring a wide selection of found instruments, and plugins by Waves, Native Instruments, AIR, Nomad Factory, Softube, Eventide and others. There are professional condenser microphones from Sontronics, ADK, Shure, Samson and Røde. A range of percussion instruments is available. Please see our equipment list below for more details.

Starling Recording Studio

Sunlight streams into Starling Recording Studio - though not every day!

The latest Kathie Touin album, Facing The Falling Sky, was recorded at Starling. Fiddle player Fiona Driver, singer Jo Philby and guitarist Griogair Morrison have released CDs recorded at the studio. Other clients have used Starling for voiceover work, spoken word stories and creating a CD gift of songs for a relative - so why not try it yourself?

Included in the price is an audio engineer. Other services available are keyboardist, backing vocalist, arranger and producer. We offer basic mastering but can suggest mastering engineers for your finished product. We can also do small duplication runs of CDs, and suggest manufacturers for larger runs and complete packaging.

Cassette to CD or file transfers are available, as is videotape to DVD or computer file. Please inquire for more information on these services.

At Starling Studio we want you to have an enjoyable recording experience and pride ourselves on providing a calm, relaxed atmosphere to record in.

Starling Recording Studio

Guitars in Starling Recording Studio

Equipment includes:

Avid Pro Tools (running current version)

Native Instruments Komplete 12 suite of software instruments and effects

SoundIron sound libraries

Plug-ins: Waves Audio (including Waves Tune and Abbey Road emulations); Eventide, Nomad Factory, iZotope, AIR, Harrison Consoles, NUGEN and others

CDR burning by HOFA

Microphones: Sontronics; ADK; Røde; Samson; Shure; M-Audio; Takstar

Roland FA-06 keyboard workstation

Roland Phantom S88 keyboard workstation

Korg and Roland rack-mount synthesizers: Wavestation; U-110; JV-1010

Korg JD800 digital synthesizer

Korg Mono/Poly analogue synthesizer

Roland FP-30 digital piano

Beyer Dynamic DT150 headphones

More Me headphones

A box full of percussion instruments!

Behringer Truth monitors

Behringer pre-amps

Berhinger compressors and signal processing

Microboards CD duplicators

Fiona Driver in Starling Recording Studio Starling Recording Studio Studio mascot Roscoe

Fiona Driver, keyboards and Roscoe in Starling Recording Studio

Contact Kathie Touin at for a free consultation and rate information. But please note that, as of March 2020, new bookings are not currently being taken due to volume of work.

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