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Butterfly Bones has 15 tracks all written, performed and produced by Kathie. The songs are personal, occasionally silly, sometimes sweet, at times edgy.

"Butterfly Bones features a particularly healthy fifteen self-penned numbers... smartly arranged piano-led pieces like the attractive Stop Me, the sparse beauty of Clarity, the ambitious sweep of Only Sky and the unpredictable delight of closer Does It Really Matter" - R2 Rock'n'Reel magazine

"With acknowledged influences ranging from Noel Gallagher to Kate Bush, hit Radio 2 daytime airplay is written all over it" - WestSide magazine

"Kathie's songwriting style is unique and contemporary, and is nicely complemented by her strong, smooth vocals. She has a flair for spiced-up chord progressions, as well as great harmony" - Terah Tucker, Voice America


Lyrics for the Butterfly Bones album are on the Lyrics page.


Butterfly Bones tracks have been played on the UK's Radio Caroline, Frome FM, Biggles FM, Radio Samantha International and Ward Radio; Spain's REM FM; Australia's Boost Digital Radio; Canada's 92.5FM The X (Kamloops, British Columbia) on Jason Bermiller's ProgDog show; and the United States' internet talk station Voice America on All Things Music with Terah Tucker.

In January 2021 Kathie made her seventh appearance on Steve Conway's A-Z Of Great Tracks on 8Radio.com with the song Adam's Kiss from Butterfly Bones - more than 15 years after its release.

More quotes about Butterfly Bones

Recording artist and producer Robert Berry says: "I was very impressed by your new album. I thought the grooves you picked out were perfect. The piano playing was a surprise - nice pop feel and good chordal voicings - kind of reminded me of the really good Beatles piano stuff or some ELO type of keys. I like the direction you took a lot. I think the melodies are good, lyrics are good and I like the somewhere between Tori Amos and something a little more accessible vocal style. And I thought the recorded sound was top notch. Nice job all around. Can't say enough good things."

Freelance writer Robert Wilson says: "What a find, songs you literally can't get out of your head. Everyone I've played this CD to thinks it's great. A voice like Aimee Mann and arrangements as witty and original as For the Benefit of Mr Kite from Sgt Pepper. Highly recommended."

International Hammond organ player Barbara Dennerlein says: "Thank you so much for your music... I really enjoy listening. I really admire that you play all instruments by yourself. Your music is touching!"

Radio presenter Neon Nancy says: "I thought it was fantastic! I listen to it often, loving it more each time. Butterfly Bones is such a clever name for the album, and each song has its own distinct personality. Kathie's arrangements are tight, and her voice is gorgeous."

Charlie Davy interviewed Kathie on his Radio London show. He says: "The music is really good - catchy - and the various styles are just amazing. Great work!"

Butterfly Bones was featured by on Radio Caroline by presenters Pat Edison - "I find it to be quite charming... favourite tracks: Clarity, Nothing's Not Enough"; Martin Smith - "Good CD, Dragonfly stands out for me"; and the highly-respected Rob Leighton, who passed away in January 2008.

Legendary dj Roger Day emailed to say: "Heard Kathie's sampler on the site and thought it sounded great."

Brian Newington at Boost Digital Radio in Australia emailed: "Have added to the playlist Dragonfly, Maybe Weeks, Safe As Houses. Nice album by the way."

Brian Young played tracks from Butterfly Bones on Radio Samantha International and emailed to say: "Great music should be heard."

His colleague Paul Johnson said: "Love your album Butterfly Bones."

Michael - myspace.com/daileyphoto - sent this: "I downloaded your CD from iTunes and have listened to it many times... When I found your MySpace page I was totally mesmerised by Just a Minute, it is my favorite tune! I only wish that it lasted another couple minutes! It is a great CD from start to finish."

Geordiewelsh reviewed the album on Amazon.com: "To anyone reading this, buy the album Butterfly Bones. It is a stunning collection of music. The album grabs you from Adam's Kiss and gently leads you through. Anyone who can sing that from the heart, pull the listener in with their piano playing, and then produce the whole thing, is a major talent. Safe As Houses has to be one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard, can never get out of my head, and never want to get out of my head. Thank you."

As did Princess: "This album really blew me away. This is the kind of music that only gets better the more you listen to it. Gorgeous arrangements, poetic, thought-provoking. What a talented writer and musician."

Renee Meyer reviewed Butterfly Bones on CDBaby.com: "Butterfly Bones is a pure joy, I listen to it often. Wow! Dynamic new sounds. Great music, voice, arrangements!"

And Paul Phillips as well: "It's a lovely album, catchy, witty lyrics and great musicianship. It deserves more airplay."

Karen emailed to say: "I think Kathie's got an amazing voice - put me in mind of Eva Cassidy or Karen Carpenter and, in my book, that's some compliment!"

And Jo wrote: "The song I particularly like is Still Quiet. Just played it to my mum and she's gone off on one, comparing Kathie to Carly Simon and Carole King."

Meanwhile Kathie's Mom Bettie Twa says: "Did you tidy your bedrom yet Kathie?" But adds: "Look out Europe and the USA. What a gifted, creative young woman."