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Lyrics to the album Facing The Falling Sky

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Facing The Falling Sky

Birds (Morning)

This track is an instrumental

Waiting For The Silence

Now the starman and the urban spaceman
have turned and waved goodbye
And left us all behind
to wait and wonder why

There's no one following in their footsteps
no one's writing on the walls
There's only me here now
to understand it all

It feels like waiting
for the silence to descend
Waiting for the last
for it to end
There are no goodbyes
no smiles or tears to send
to speed them on their way
I know they'll never come again

Now I can only wait for all of you
to say your fond farewells
I'd follow if I could
to your heaven or your hell

I want to stop the clocks
and I'll turn on every single light
to keep the music going
to keep away the night

When all that's left is echoes
and the melody grows dim
I'll hug the memories tightly
and lift up my voice and sing

And somewhere something resonates
and makes itself be heard
the rest it may be silence
but I'll still know all the words

I Met You On A Sunday

I'm here sitting in a sunlit room
the dog's asleep and snoring
chasing rabbits beneath the moon

The steam rising from the mug you brought
That simple sweet gesture
means more than I ever thought

It's possible
it never gets better than this
it's a feeling I cherish
a warmth I can't resist
to picture this any other way
it was never in my future
till I met you on a Sunday

These walls we made a mess of painting
they watch and listen
and keep out the crazy world

The garden where the weeds defeat us
shelters here and there
flowers of such sweetness

Such small little things
that fill up my heart
I thought were never meant for me
Were a hope too far
You open your hand
for a touch, for a gift
I wonder at all the years
I managed to live without you

This bed softer than feather down
and warmer with you here
the best that I've found

The world can go on without me
I pull up the drawbridge
I'm where I want to be

The Stirring Of Ghosts

The ghosts are stirring
can you hear them now
the guilt recurring
at so late an hour

And I can see you standing tall
you face toward the light
You keep out of the shadows
keeping straight and keeping right

What more could you say to me
that would make it seem alright
Waiting for the sun to rise
on this dark and lonely night

There's a shard of steel in your sky blue eyes
in the grim line of your mouth
and all the dreams I've ever head are all now heading south
My head thrown back
I stand my ground
you pull from beneath my feet
and oh, my love, I bow to you
you did it all so swift and neat

Now you fade away from me
into a sea of faces
An emptiness within my heart
but you fill up all the places

The ghosts are stirring
they're nearly here with me
I hear them coming
and I kiss and set them free

Selkie Of Skaill Bay

Come home with me, you said
I'll set you free, you said
bide here with me, you said
and stole my life away

Ten years or more have passed
since that night on the shore
The moonlight made spotlights of
water and sand

I'd never felt so free
my friends there around me
and stealing a kiss and a laugh
was my man

The future was golden
adrift on the ocean
and weightless and timeless
I swam with the tides
but I didn't know you were
waiting and watching
Hiding beyond the rocks
biding your time

With words and with kisses
you lured me away
By the time that I realised
it was already too late

You stole from me my escape
and made me a wife
We had beautiful children
a completely new life

But ever I dreamed of
my man of the sea
hoping that someday
he'd come rescue me
And you never noticed
the salt in my tears
The cries on the wind
you never did hear

But tonight I am leaving
while you're out on the lash
for I've found my escape
I've found my way back

Give the babies a kiss
for they'll be sorely missed
but if you search for me
among the blue waves
know that I'll never forgive you
for the rest of my days

You robbed me of my youth
and a life of my own
stole from me my man
and I'll never know

if we could have been happy
a-sail on the sea
if you had not stolen the skin
of a selkie

Live In The Wind

I followed you down to the bridge that day
in a storm and a tangle of sky
When you spread out your wings
and gave me a smile
I swear that I saw you fly

Now I'm earthbound behind you
struggling to tell
to make sense of the height you've climbed
Your path to nirvana, your way out of hell
or is it the both combined?

But you just call down

I want to live in the wind
where everything is that has been
and circles around to begin
like the birds feel the lift and the spin
the ground dropping away just like sin
never bringing me back again
I want to live in the wind

Is it better that quick way up
it's a hell of a long way down
does it give you time for a second chance
as you soar without a sound?

I stand here and watch you go
I give to you all I could hope for
and set you free to arc above me
like dreams, like wings and more

But you just call down

Between Heaven And The Sky

The leaves were drifting down
when I heard the lonely sound
a barren fruit tree in the wind
that lost its voice that once could sing

And underneath a rosy moon
I knew that you'd be leaving very soon
but you were never meant for me
You were far too rare a thing

You always moved through the world
like a ghost
Darker than ocean
and paler than sky
Like a cup that has broken
you fill me but I lose you
somewhere amongst all the stars
where you shine

I never thought you'd come to stay
an errant star that rainy day
but how was I to ever know
How deep your footprints on my soul

Somewhere between heaven and the sky
I hope you have found the answers why
You dog-eared the pages of my past
I hope you've found calmness and peace at last

And now I wander here alone
beneath a sky so wildly blown
but I can hear you calling me
That cloudy voice I'll always know


It's a dark night
the snow is falling
soft against my cheek

There is lamplight
at the window
almost within reach

I've wandered for so long
and I've searched
through seasons
So many miles
and so many reasons

Come inside and get
warm by the fire
You've come so far
you must be tired

My feet are cold
but I can see you
at the window

All is silent
but crunching boots
that move too slow

White flakes and black ice
Dark trees and soft lights
Short days and long nights
But I'm here, I've arrived

Warmth surrounds me
all the coldness fades
I am safe here

Hear the wind blow
it is shut outside
We are safe here

Vanishing Point

Thin, transparent wish
takes on form
becomes flesh

Dream walks out of night
leaves the shadows
Into light

Afraid to go near you
You might vanish with a touch
I ache to embrace you
desire this too much
If you do enfold me
the way back is gone
Enveloped by whispers
Dissolved into song

The way disappears
into distance
into years

And I, I give in
into trust
and start again

Dream walks out of night
leaves the shadows
Into light

Untie The Knot

It's not far
I can see it in the haar
holding fast
holding strong

I've held tight
in the dark and twilight
too afraid
to let it go

But sometimes you have to
in facing the fear
Sometimes it asks you
quietly clear
One day you realise
the choice has been made
To untie the knot
and let it float away

Like a boat
it's kept me afloat
and taken me places
I couldn't have dreamed

Life and blood
through calm and then flood
and carried me on
when I thought I was done

Can I really breathe freely
without it beneath me
Can I stand on the beach
as it moves beyond reach

It's not far
I can see it in the haar
holding fast

The Aftermath

When the heroes shut and
lock the door
There's nothing left worth
fighting for
When all I want to do is sleep
there's nothing left I want to keep
and everything has turned to dust

The ashes of my love and trust
taste so bitter in my mouth
but I can't seem to spit them out

And now I'm empty
I'm lost here
There's nothing I want here
I miss you I hate you
I wish I could tell you
how much I loved you
just one more time
just one more time
but I'm empty

All this space is missing where
people have gone
Either taken too soon or
choosing to run
And I can't make the edges meet
They rip in my hands and
tangle my feet
Your words are there they
ring in my ears
If you meant what you said
then you still would be here

How could you tell me to
hang on so tight
to what in the end was just
shadows and light
What did you mean when you said
to be strong
Did you know you'd leave
before very long
In this echoing space
my tears go unheard
I'm straining my ears for some
sort of word
That would push me and move me
forward again
But words are not music and
music's no friend (any more)

Where are you
Where did you go
I can't believe you
left me here alone
I miss you I miss you I miss you

Photos hold smiles and
pieces of pasts
Captured recordings might
linger and last
The dots on the pages hold
the shapes of your hands
And the depths of you I never
could understand
But I would have dived as deep
as I could go
Breathless and weightless
in the shadows below
I need to surface
find some way to be
Other than hollow and unfilled
and vacant and blank and empty

Sickle Moon

I hear the wingbeats
of morning on the water
down among the reeds
where the heron feeds

Night has come on velvet feet
and mist has woven silently
Nothing stirs but the
talking stream
as it wanders to the sea

And I can stand in starlight
with the night wind in my hair
Looking for that sickle moon
and dream of you somewhere

Softly the clouds turn a gentle rose
sleep starts to stir among the birds
it feels like I could bid the sun to rise
if I only knew the right words

And midnight stands in her
tower of black
her cloak of stars
tumbles down
and I would climb to the top
of those heights
just to steal her moonlit crown

Soon the day breaks
bright and clear
the mists unveil the blue
I make my way to my
quiet home
and dream the day about you

Love & Hope

Counting all the raindrops
on a night as dark as this
Could take a little while
But I think I'll take the risk

The star-strewn sky is hidden
behind clouds as thick as boredom
I close my tired eyes
but sleep won't seem to come

When all that I have left is
love and hope
The sinking man, the drowning ship
are rescued by the slimmest rope
And every time you catch me
off my guard
I never see you coming
but no one ever looked so hard

Things just have a habit
of turning up unasked
Afraid to take them on
Afraid that it won't last

And every word that's written down
in fire or in ice
seems to make no difference
whether warning or advice

Why can you hear
what I can't speak
Where do you disappear
when you move out of reach

Standing on the stairs
where you were yesterday
Trying to fill the image
of everything you had to say

The morning light is coming
and I'm still here wide awake
Thankful as I look around
at what a mess you made

Birds (Evening)

This track is an instrumental

A Dog Like You

Really it's ridiculous
Only you can make me feel this way
Silly, but I just
Can't help the way I feel
Oh, it's funny but it's true
Everyone should have a dog like you

Rarely does it happen
Of course it doesn't come along every day
Sometimes it's just trust
Creating such a bond
Oh, it's funny but it's true
Everyone should have a dog like you

Radiating love and fun
Onto everyone you meet along the way
Shedding endless joy
Come running when I call
Oh, it's funny but it's true
Everyone should have a dog like you

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