Kathie Touin

Kathie Touin

Facing The Falling Sky - like a late-night conversation with an old friend in a remote windswept house

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Facing The Falling Sky, released in November 2019, is Kathie's third album of her own songs, and her first release in ten years. The album's title reflects the courage Kathie found in facing up to ill health and loss, even when it seemed as though the sky was falling in.

The album features 15 tracks - 13 of Kathie's songs plus two instrumentals which bookend the collection. During the recording she experimented with sound, for the first time using samples, loops and her own ambient recordings. There are also appearances by a theremin, a Stylophone and even a kazoo.

Kathie says: "I never intended for there to be such a big break between releases but a lot happened in the intervening time. The biggest loss was my good friend who was also my biggest musical inspiration. It made working on music too painful for a time. Along the way I had scary health issues, culminating with a serious spinal operation on my neck."

Facing The Falling Sky received a 4-star review in the January/February 2020 issue of RnR Magazine, describing it as "a fine selection of songs"...

RnR magazine review

The first two singles from the album are Waiting For The Silence and I Met You On A Sunday. Other songs on the album include: Selkie Of Skaill Bay, Kathie's own take on an Orkney myth of seals adopting human form; The Aftermath, about the loss of her friend; Between Heaven And The Sky, with a string trio; and The Stirring Of Ghosts, featuring guitarist Arron Storey.

Facing The Falling Sky was produced, recorded and mixed by Kathie Touin at her own Starling Recording Studio in Orkney.

You can read more about the album on Kathie's blog, and on the Orkney News website, and listen to Kathie on BBC Radio Orkney's Around Orkney programme on the day the album was released, 1 November 2019...


Lyrics for the Facing The Falling Sky album are on the Lyrics page.


The single Waiting For The Silence was played on BBC Radio Scotland, Vectis Radio in the Isle of Wight, by André van Os on Radio Caroline and featured on Neil Vessey's The Folk Pilot on Kent-based Deal Radio.

Waiting For The Silence also became the sixth song of Kathie's to be featured by DJ Steve Conway in his A-Z Of Great Tracks series on 8Radio.com.

Then, on Christmas Day 2019 on 8Radio.com, Steve Conway revealed Conway's Christmas Gifts - 17 albums he loves and would gift to a friend. Everyone from Kate Bush to Paul Weller and PJ Harvey - and Kathie's Facing The Falling Sky. Steve said: "It's a brilliant album. It is so good." He chose Love & Hope to play.

Suzy Wilde, Nic Perrins, Pat Edison and other DJs on Radio Caroline played the song Live In The Wind. Suzy described Facing The Falling Sky as an "excellent album". Live In The Wind also got a spin on Glastonbury FM's World Beat programme.

Across the Atlantic, the album was playlisted by CFBX in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

Back in the UK, Alan Waring, breakfast presenter on Biggles FM in Bedfordshire, featured tracks from the album. Alan particularly likes the bonus track, A Dog Like You.

And on Tempo 107.4 FM, broadcasting in Wetherby, West Yorkshire, Tony Haynes on the New4U show also played A Dog Like You as well as The Aftermath.